1’s & 2’s

There’s plenty of music based blogs out there on the web but not all of them feature a unique blogging experience where you can find many genre based themes. Most blogs are centralized over a specific genre like Rap or Rock and that’s where my blog comes into play. As someone who listens to all kinds of music I wanted to create this blog for the soul purpose of combining different types of genres into one channel. In other words, If you’re someone who’s into Hip-Hop but want to dabble into new sounds, my site would be the best bet for you to come across a different genre you might like. My blog is all about those who are open minded and want to expand their musical prowess and aren’t afraid to try something new when it comes to sites and sounds.

We’re in a age where good music is being overshadowed by one-hit wonders and I feel the preservation of genres is being forgotten. Here on my blog, the 90s rage on. Or perhaps The Weeknd’s latest single reminds you that there are no boundaries to making music, with all that in question there is no doubt in my mind once you peruse through my blog there’s going to be a little bit of something for everyone; Hip-Hop/Rap, EDM & it’s sub-genres like Techno, Tech House and Electro, Rock, and even Latin music. If there’s a new sound that you’d like to share, by all means contact me and I’ll add it to the blog. Even better, want to know when your favorite artist will be in town? Search no further as I will provide basic tour date info as well. In the end, music has no limits and it brings us all together. 808 sounds and snares.